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Part of Wireless Water Meter System?

Ok, here we go with the first post…

I spotted this in San Francisco’s West Portal neighborhood.  Not sure if its one system or two.  There is a solar panel with an downward pole antenna As well as a seperate grey box with two rubberized pole antennas sticking down.

Anyone have an idea what its for?

I saw the following markings: SFW008B which makes me wonder if its for “San Francisco Water.”

Under the solar panel there is a sticker that appears to say: NovaLab, LLC; Contains FCC ID: XMPNL72742

Full sized photos should be available by clicking though,

I’m new at this so welcome your suggestions about what kinds of info to post/ask for and the best way to make photos easily accessible.

Again, if you spot stuff, please send it in…

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