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Cell Sites on Telephone Poles

As cell companies try to improve reception they will invariably have to add many more smaller cell towers closer to where people are.  The spaces for large cell towers have mostly been used and capacity can be increased through smaller, lower power, local cell sites.

Driving by each day, I always wondered why there were so many boxes on this pole.  Stopping this morning I realized that there was a cell antenna at the top and that T-Mobile had managed to break down the all the equipment typically used in a cell tower and put it as a string of boxes going up the pole.

I wonder if its the kind same setup that some folks in the Richmond District of San Francisco were recently complaining about when it appeared at eye level out their window.

I’d bet we’ll be seeing a lot more installations like this.  In fact, here is an almost identical setup in Berkley.

Got any info or insights on this kind of setup, feel free to jump in.

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