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Keeping the Gas Pipeline Network Safe

This installation in the Sunnyside neighborhood of San Francisco intrigued because it was so different then all the other solar antenna installations popping up all over the city as well as any other sensors I had seen before.  For example, it is mounted on a brand new dedicated pole rather then piggybacked onto existing poles.

As best as I can determine it’s a gas line pressure monitor and data transmitter.  The little stubby antenna on the box is a celluar antenna to transmit the data back–probably to PG&E.  And I’ll bet a line goes down the inside of the pole to where there is a sensor.

It makes a lot of sense that the cement looks brand new as PG&E just finished replacing all the gas infrastructure in this and surrounding neighborhoods.  Clearly, as part of that work they installed new pressure monitors.

Following the tragedy last year in San Bruno its reassuring to see that PG&E is monitoring pressure and using modern technology to do it.  But, so as not to scare anyone living near this monitor, my understanding is that San Bruno was a major transmission line (i.e. gas superhighway) and this is monitoring a local distribution system (i.e. equivalent of a small local street).

Anyone spot more of these around San Francisco?




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